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Friday, February 1, 2008

Website Update - Revisions to X-Plane UDP VB Page

X-Plane LogoWell, what with my normal procrastination, and then getting sick right at the end of the month when I would have been working on it, I missed making an update to this website in January [note to blog readers - I'm referring to my main website, not this blog]. But at least I'm not too late. Anyway, I've updated the page, X-Plane, UDP, and Visual Basic, for X-Plane version 8. I revised the section on single precision floating point values, correcting a slight mistake (not knowing about significands, so using the term mantissa to mean both mantissa and significand), and hopefully adding a little information to make it more clear on how to go about the conversions.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! and a New Factoid Page

Christmas WreathMerry Christmas! And here's my Christmas present to the world - I've added a new factoid page, Factoids Debunked & Verified, Part II. I went through another of these trivia list e-mails, trying to determine the veracity of the claims. Once again, most of them were untrue.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Commenting Change (Hopefully Temporary)

ScroogeI've been forced to become a Scrooge for the holidays. I've been getting huge amounts of spam comments recently, almost all of which have something to do with Christmas (gifts, wallpaper, ringtones, you name it). So, I've temporarily blocked comments containing that word. In the mean time, if you want to post a comment about the holiday, try to think of a clever way to say it without using that word. Hopefully, the spammers don't pay much attention to this blog, and won't come up with a new strategy avoiding using that word, but if they get clever, I may have to block other words dealing with the holidays.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Website Update - New Info on Factoids, Top 10 Pages on Homepage

My Factoids Debunked & Verified page is turning out to be quite popular (at least compared to other pages on this site). A reader, Susan G., a clinical audiologist from Kansas, sent me some feedback on two of the factoids dealing with, obviously, ears. I've included her comments in the page. Also, I decided to add a small feature to the main home page, including links to the 10 most popular pages on this site. I figured, that's a good way for people to get an idea of some the of the best I have to offer (best as voted for by Internet traffic, not necessarily my favorite pages). I'll try to update that list every month - it'll be interesting to see if it changes at all. I'm also going to try to go through and make lists for months past, but I'm not making any promises on how long it will be until I've gotten that compiled.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Website Update- Small Changes to Post-It Note Glider Page

Post-It Note GliderI only have a very small update for today. Way back when I had my co-op during college, I figured out a way to fold a pretty good glider out of a Post-It note. I put up a page with instructions on how to fold it not long after, but that page has never been as "attractive" as I would have liked. A few years ago, I tried taking digital photos of the glider to put at the top of the page, but the camera I had then didn't have a good macro setting, so the pictures were awfully blury. So, just recently, I wasted a few minutes making a 3D model of the glider in Solidworks, and using a screen shot from that for the picture at the top of the page. I also added a small note of about a book that used that glider, Post-It: Ideas That Stick!,along with some pictures.


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