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Friday, December 8, 2006

Website Update- New Essay: Confidence on Historical Knowledge

I recently had a brief e-mail correspondence with a creationist (brief as in number of e-mails exchanged, not the lengths of the e-mails). Anyway, I thought that some of what I wrote in my final reply was pretty good, and thought that maybe some other people might find it interesting. So, I cleaned up a few spots, made a few arguments a little better, cut out some of the more rambling sections, and made a new essay titled, Confidence in Historical Knowledge, and made the appropriate addition to my Writings page.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Website Update- Updated Tutorial on X-Plane, UDP & Visual Basic

I got my website update in for November with 8 hours to spare, and it's not a chintzy update, either. I've updated my Tutorial on Programming a UDP Interface for X-Plane using Visual Basic. This new version is for X-Plane version 8, which made some changes to the way it formatted UDP packets. I've also included some additional information in this tutorial that wasn't in the previous one for X-Plane version 6, and updated the sample source code to make it easier to follow, and easier to use as a foundation for other applications.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Website Update- New "Biplane vs. Monoplane" Aviation Theory Page

With the new movie, Flyboys just having been released, there's been a little discussion about it on one of the e-mail lists I subscribe to. One person asked the question of why biplanes have been displaced by monoplanes (modern aircraft with only a single set of wings). What is it about monoplanes that makes them better? So, I wrote up a little reply. After sending it in to the e-mail group, I figured, "hey, that would be pretty good to put on my website." So, I cleaned it up a little bit, added a couple pictures, and created a page called Biplanes vs. Monoplanes in my Aviation Theory section.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Website Update- Guatemala 2006 Photos Added

I've got a nice, good substantive update for today - I've added a new page to my Photos section, titled Guatemala 2006 Medical Mission Photos. My wife and I just got back from a week long medical mission to Guatemala, organized by the Wichita County Medical Alliance, and hosted by Agape in Action. This was my second year to go, and Irma's third. Irma is a nurse, and she's bilingual, so she worked mostly at the clinic meeting with patients. I'm not medically trained, so I mostly washed and sterilized instruments, along with any other odd jobs that needed to be done. We spent 5 1/2 days working in Quiche, one days sightseeing (Lake Atitlan and Antigua), and the rest of the time travelling. Once again, it was a very worthwhile trip to help as many people as we did. And like I did for the photos from last years trip, I've posted mostly photos from the day of sightseeing, and not many photos from inside the operating rooms, since a lot of people are bothered by those types of photos.

For a couple smaller updates, I've updated my Links page, adding a few sites, and fixing links for a few others that have moved from their old addresses to Science Blogs. For my Photo Page Generator program, I've posted an html version of the Readme file, and updated the links on the Programming and Downloads pages accordingly.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Commenting Change

Okay - I made another change to the way commenting works. I've done away with having to log in, and added a CAPTCHA (Wikipedia entry), instead. Basically, a CAPTCHA is one of those pictures of a random string of characters that users have to type in to be able to leave their comment. It's based on the fact that people are pretty good at reading these things, while computer programs aren't. So, only people should be able to leave comments, and not the automated spam programs. Previously, I had experimented with making users register with Typekey before leaving comments, but I know that I personally won't leave comments on many blogs that require logging in just because I'm too lazy. And since this blog is anything but popular, I doubt many visitors would want to take the time to log in just to leave a few lines of feedback. The Typekey registration did work to eliminate spam comments, but I didn't get any legitimate comments in that time, either. (I'll just assume that it was the login requirement keeping commenters away, and not a lack of interest.)


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