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Royal Flush V Crews Overthrow British

BREMGARTEN.-The 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing became history's first international night reconnaissance champions here last week as the Wing's Royal Flush V team swept past the Canberra-equipped royal Air Force by a wide margin of 730 points.

In the process they carried NATO's 4th Allied Tactical Air Force to victory in the Gruenther Trophy against 2d ATAF.

Flying two sorties per night on each of two nights, 10th crews scored more points per target than any other competing nation. Judges, from NATO countries not entered in the competition, gave the 10th a total of 2996 to the RAF's 2258. Missions were in the 900 nautical mile range and the results, according to the judges, were among the most promising aspects of the entire competition.

Nearly three dozen general officers of NATO nations were on hand for the presentation of trophies in the Bremgarten auditorium. Accepting the Night Reconnaissance Trophy for the 10th Wing was Major Thomas E. Anton, Team Captain and Royal Flush V Project Officer. He received the award from General Paul M. V. Stehlin, Chief of the Air Staff of the French Air Force. The Gruenther Trophy was presented by General Stehlin to Major James E. Frituch, 4th ATAP...(This is the end of what I have of the article.)