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Website Update- Changes to page, "How to Interpret the Bible"

Last week, I updated my page on How to Interpret the Bible, and I'm just now getting around to documenting it. In case you've never seen it, it's an essay where I explore what seem to me to be the main positions concerning the divinity of the Bible, ranging from being divinely inspired, literal, and completely inerrant in all translations, to being a book written by humans, containing myths and stories from other cultures. In the end, I come to the conclusion that that last option seems the most likely. Most of the changes I made to the essay were small, mainly just changing the wording in a few places to make it read better. The biggest, most useful change, was that for Bible passages, I added links to BibleGateway.com, to the relevant chapters in both the King James Version and the New International Version of the Bible. Now, people can easily read the passages firsthand, 1) without having to rely on my quotation, and 2) saving them time from looking up the passage in a print version of the Bible.

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