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Website Update- New Downloads Section, Updated Program

Time for my first update of the new year. I've added a Downloads section to this site. It contains compiled, executable versions of a few of the programs on my Programming page. I figured that it would be nice to make a few of my better/more useful programs available to those people that don't have Visual Basic installed on their computers, which is probably most people. To that end, I modified my Photo Page Generator program to make it suitable to run as a stand-alone program, making a configuration file that users could save to/load from, so that their settings could be recorded for the different times that they run the program (in the VB program, I just saved it as part of the source code). I also made a change to the program to allow you to make multiple galleries using images from the same directory. I've put the source code for that latest version of that program onto my Programming page, as well making a note on that page about the Downloads section.

And, since it's a new year, I've re-organized the News & Updates Archive, putting all of the 2005 posts onto a new, separate page, and starting over on the main page with 2006 posts.

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