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Website Update- New How-To Page

I made a few changes last week that I'm just now documenting. First off, I did a slight bit of reorganization. I created a How To page, with directions for various projects. Some of these projects were previously listed on my Misc page, but I figured this new organization made a bit more sense. I added a link to the How To page to the main menu in the left hand column that appears on all of my pages, and removed the Mp3 entry from that menu, and moved it to the misc page. I figured there was so little content on the Mp3 page that it wasn't worth having its own entry in the main menu. In the new How To section, I created two new pages, Potato Salad Recipe and Wacky Cake Recipe.


I cannot send your email webmaster@jefflewis.net
It bounced with mailbox full message.
I would like to use some of your photographs of piston engine aircrafts in my assignment. I am a student attending for computer diploma and now preparing for MULTIMEDIA assignment. The assignment title is "Vintage Aircraft" and I have to submit multimedia program related to vintage aircraft.
I will not reproduce or publish again. Only submit to my tutor.
Thank you

Please try to resend the e-mail. I have cleaned out that account, so any new e-mails will get through.

Nice blog, good info. KaylaX

Due to the huge number of spam comments to this particular entry, and the nature of this entry, I have turned off comments on this thread.

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