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Website Update- Improving Aircraft Image Archive

I've begun a project to update my Aircraft Image Archive in the same way that I updated my photo galleries last year. The pages are being update so that when you click on one of the thumbnail images, it takes you to an html page with the picture on it, instead of linking directly to the picture. The reasons for this change are explained in the 18 July 2005 update, but basically it's for improved navigation. While I'm at it, I'm slightly changing the order in which the images appear. The first time I made the page, everything was sorted alphabetically, but that puts things like "C-130" ahead of "C-47," and "F-101" ahead of "F-14." So, while still in mostly alphabetical order, I've modified it a few places to follow the proper numerical sequential order. So far, the completed pages include all of the alphabetical listings, and the jet fighter listings in the categorical section. I won't post another update on this until all of the categorical listings have been updated.

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