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Website Update- Added Photos of Palo Duro Canyon

Well, I fell a little behind in keeping up with my goal of at least one update per month. I've actually been spending much of the time that I'd normally devote to this site writing essays. Normally, I add my essays to this site, but for various reasons, I'd rather not do that with these. But, in the interest of adding something to this site so that it can continue to grow, I've added four photos to the Miscellaneous page of my Photo section. They're pictures from a day trip my family took about a year ago to Palo Duro Canyon, just outside Amarillo, TX. I'd originally intended to make a whole new section for those pictures, but once I got to looking at them, there really just weren't enough good ones. And while I was at it, I updated this section to my new format, where clicking on a thumbnail takes you to an html page with the picture on it, instead of linking directly to the picture. I hadn't done it before because there were only two pictures, but now that there are six, I figure it's worth the improved navigation.

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