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Stem Cell Veto

Okay, I'm a day and a half late in writing about this on my blog, but I still want to comment on it (You can read a few of my initial reactions in the comments over at TerrapinTables). It just really, really pisses me off that Bush has vetoed this law.

Here's the analogy I thought of to explain it. Imagine you see somebody fall into a flooded river (to really pull at your heart strings, you can imagine it's your own child). This river's pulling them away pretty fast. There's a guy on a bridge down stream with a rope. Now, if he throws the rope, there's no guarantee that the person in the river will be able to get it and hold on. And, there's always the possibility that the person may get rescued by someone else. But what would you think if the person on the bridge decided to not throw the rope at all?

That's basically what Bush just did. Embryonic Stem (Es) cells are not a guaranteed cure, and there are other lines of research that may lead to treatments for some of the diseases that currently look like they may be treated by ES cells, but why would somebody decide to maintain a ban on such a promising avenue of research?

And this isn't just some hypothetical, intellectual excercise. There are millions of people suffering from diseases and conditions for which ES cells might lead to a viable treatment. How many of them are going to die or suffer needlessly, because he vetoed this bill. If Bush went around randomly killing a person every day for the rest of his time in office, we'd call him a murderer. But if he vetoes a bill that in the end will lead to even more people's deaths because of lack of treatments, we call it politics.

Finally, this whole thing is asinine, because the bill proposed using embryos that were slated for destruction, already. These embryos are going to be flushed down the toilet, whether or not this bill was passed. Why not use them for research before that happens? What a f-in' waste.

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