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Troubling News

A very good friend had a stroke earlier this week. The doctors brought him out of the induced coma this morning, and so far everything's looking hopeful, but it's still so early that it's impossible to tell exactly what the outcome's going to be. So, don't expect any new blog entries for a while.


I hope everything turns out okay.

Thanks. So far, everything's looking promising. Obviously things are going well enough that I've gotten back to blogging. But it's just taking so long. I know stroke recovery is always a long process, but it's tough when it's someone you know.

I try not to discuss too much of my personal life on this blog, especially in a case like this where it's somebody else's personal life, so I doubt I'll be posting many details of this. I'll just say this for now, and probably won't follow up - for various reasons since I put up this post originally, the doctors have put him in and out of induced comas. He's now conscious hopefully for good. He can move both sides of his body, seems to be aware of what's going on around him and to be reacting properly, and it looks like he can read. However, because of the tube down his throat and an infection that it caused, he hasn't been able to talk yet, so full communication hasn't been possible.

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