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Darwin Year Events in Dallas

Charles Darwin as a Young ManI wrote an e-mail to the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science asking them about Darwin Year events. Since the events don't seem to be advertised very prominently on the museum's site, I'll post their response here:

Hi Jeff. We are going to host two events. Cocktails with Charles on his actual birthday 2/12 and cupcakes with Charles on Saturday 2/14. The Thursday event is for adults only and the Saturday event is for families.

I don't think I'll make the two hour drive to to Dallas just for cocktails or cupcakes, but if I just happen to be visiting my wife's family that weekend...


'Drinks with Darwin' looks like a cool way to celebrate. What better way to cheer Darwin's 200th birthday then with the man himself? Here's the link for full info: http://natureandscience.org/calendar/current_events.asp

There is no Feb. 14 cupcakes event -- the museum is doing a sleepover instead, which will free parents for a night of romance ... or sleep.

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