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A Few Comments

I've once again put way too much effort into responding to a comment. In the entry, Ray Comfort: Quote Miner Extraordinaire, someone left a short comment about there being no evidence for evolution, and about me being a "secular version of Ray Comfort." So, I left a lengthy comment disagreeing.

On another note, if anyone tried to access the blog earlier this week, you may have discovered a blank page. Apparently, my hosting company decided to set my disk space quota to 100 MB (well below what my site actually uses, and well, well below what the limit had been in the past), which kept the blog from rebuilding correctly. I don't know how long it had been down before I noticed, but hopefully it wasn't too long. Once I contacted the hosting company, they were pretty quick to correct the problem, and I now have plenty of disk space for the time being.

Between the time I spent resolving the hosting issue, and the time I spent writing that comment, I doubt I'll have time to make a real post this week.


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I found your site searching for 64 bit and autocad R14,
anyway I got it working using your suggestions.
I got my installed copy from w2000 and all the files you mentioned work but one,the "SH31W32.dll".
I found one on one of the blogs that works.
Here is the link
Autocad R14 and windows 7 home premium 64 bit
copied the files to "program files(X86)"
hope you post this extra info
Thanks for your post, Al

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