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Carter Wind Energy

Carter 300 Wind TurbineI just wanted to make a short post to advertise a new website, Carter Wind Energy. If the name sounds familiar to anybody who knows me, it should. The Carter family has been involved in wind turbines for quite a while, now. Jay Carter, Sr. has been making turbines for decades, and still has his company, Wind Eagle Turbines. Jay Carter, Jr. struck out on his own to make larger turbines with Carter Wind Systems in the 70s, which he later sold before starting Carter Aviation Technologies. Now, Matt Carter is trying to get into the business with Carter Wind Energy (he's targeting a different niche than Wind Eagle Turbines, so he's not competing with Jay Carter, Sr.) He's been working on the project for a while, now, but just recently asked me to create the website. (I've done a little analysis for him, as well, but haven't had the time to work on the project as much as I've wanted to.) Anyway, go take a look at the website. There are bound to be several small changes in the coming weeks as we tweak the layout. Constructive criticism is definitely welcome.


YEA! finally, the carter family is again back in the saddle with economically priced common sence maintenance type turbines. There is a generation of people who want to be involved but cant see the light with the current maintenance headaches. These are the type of turbines that give people hope of affordability and being able to work on them with a lessor degree of investment in cranes. Remember that progress is not always accomplished in Complexity of design

Hi my name is Jeramie Barker,I live in Seymour ,Texas ,Ive been in Metal construction for 13 yrs,and my job is about to end, I was wondering about job opportunities at Carter Wind energy

where can I buy a bearing that is going in the wind turbine generator 001015 300w 2ngvax00 brand Karter Wind Turbine

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