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War on Christmas 2010

Santa in the CrosshairsWith Thanksgiving out of the way, the Christmas Season is now officially upon us, which also means that the War on Christmas has officially started for the year. I've already written an entry all about this - War on Christmas - where I discuss a bit the true history of Christmas in this country (hint: the Puritans really, really didn't like it), the origins of some of our traditions, along with some of the other nonsense people think of as part of the war (Xmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, etc.).

I don't have much to add over what I wrote two years ago, so instead I'll link to what others have come up with for Christmas. First, is a poem from The Digital Cuttlefish, The Night Before (The War On) Christmas. I've only included the first 3 verses below. Follow the link to read the rest. (It's also worth going to the Digital Cuttlefish home page to read the rest of their poetry.)

The Night Before (The War On) Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas; the Christians all hunkered
In basements of buildings they’d armored and bunkered.
They huddled in silence; they huddled in fear,
With thoughts that the atheists soon would draw near

The War Against Christmas had started on Fox—
Just a couple of fools on the idiot-box
Who were looking for noise to give ratings a boost—
But lately, those chickens have come home to roost:

Believers are frightened; they’re panicked; they’re scared,
And not one among them will go unprepared;
They’ve heard that the atheists roam, Christmas night,
So Christians stay hidden, and safe out of sight.

Read the rest at the Digital Cuttlefish

To be honest, I really do like Christmas - the decorations, the getting together with family, the celebrating. Here's a song from Tim Minchin, White Wine in the Sun, that fairly well echoes my views.

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