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Book Review - God- or Gorilla?, Bonus Entry (And the End of the Review)

This entry is part of a series. For a bit of an introduction and an index of all entries in the series, go here.

God or Gorilla PicOne aspect of the book that I didn't discuss much were the photos. Every so many pages, a photo was inserted into the book. There were a total of 27 in the main body of the book. A few of these were relevant to the topic being discussed where they were inserted, but many were just random pictures of primates. There were also 19 photos in the appendices, most showing gorilla and orangutan skeletons or skulls. So, as one final bonus entry in this series, I figured I would make a post full of those photos.

I've labeled each photo the same way it was titled in the table of contents. I've also rotated some of the photos to make them easier to view, since those were oriented sideways in the book. My source for these photos was The Internet Archive copy, rather than manually scanning each one from my print copy of the book. Unfortunately, some of the photo captions weren't scanned in their entirety for The Internet Archive copy, so I've only shown what was available.

Most pictures below are links to higher res photos. Some of the linked photos are significantly better, sometimes the image below is already as good as the linked photo.

Other than the above, I present these photos without comment.

Photos from Main Body of Book

Another View of Chimpanzee, Page 2

Red Howler Monkey, Page 14

Profile View of Chimpanzee, Page 20

Gibbon, Page 26

Trinil Ape Man, Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man, Page 34

Grandfather Orang, Page 46

Skeletons of Man and Chimpanzee Compared, Page 56

Gorilla's Face, Page 66

Gorilla Profile, Page 78

Rhodesian Cave Man's Skull, Page 86

Natural Walking Posture of Gorilla, Page 90

Head of Galada Baboon, Page 106

Sapajou, Page 118

Another View of Grandfather Orang, Page 122

Orang Skull, Human Skull, Page 134

Chimpanzee with Arms Shaved, Page 156

Skeleton of Horse and Man Compared, Page 166

Rear Hand of Gorilla, Page 184

Head of Orang, Page 204

Exceptional View of Chimpanzee's "Foot", Page 218

Grizzly Bear Can Be Compelled to Stand Upright, Page 244

Natural Walking Posture of Chimpanzee, Page 262

Excellent View of Chimpanzee Countenance, Page 284

Skeletons of Polar Bear, Lion and Ruffled Lemur, Page 300

Orang in Thoughtful Mood, Page 306

"Foot" from Which the Human Foot Evolved, page 318

Gorilla Forehand in Walking Posture, Page 332

Photos from Appendices

1. Skeleton of Gorilla in Upright Position

2. Cervical Spines of Gorilla

3. Pear Shape of Gorilla Thorax

4. Gorilla Skeleton in Natural Walking Posture

5. Gorilla Scapula and Pelvis

6. Gorilla Arms and Legs
6. Gorilla Arms and Legs">

7. Skulls of Gorilla, Man and Orang

8. Skull Crests of Apes

9. Profiles of Three Skulls

10. Brain Pans and Jaws

11. Profile of Man and Gorilla

12. Three Skull Caps

13. Two Skull Caps

14. Two Skulls Without Jaws
14. Two Skulls Without Jaws">

15. Skulls and Jaws of Man and Orang
15. Skulls and Jaws of Man and Orang">

16. Jaws of Orang and Man

17. Two Skull Bases

18. Triassic Shoe Sole Fossil

19. Under-Side of Triassic Fossil

That's it. This review is now complete, and I won't be posting any more entries devoted to Alfred W. McCann's creationist book, God- or Gorilla?. I hope you've enjoyed it, but like I wrote in the introduction, don't expect me to ever do a review this detailed again.

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