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Hawaii Photos & Video

Sea Turtle in HawaiiI've finally had a chance to sort through our vacation pictures & videos to put on the site. Go take a look at:
Hawaii 2012 Photos

Of course, I've also updated the Photos Index page to include a link to the Hawaii photos. While I was at it, I reorganized that page a bit. The previous order was kind of arbitrary, so I made it alphabetical. I also made a few slight formatting changes to that page to make it look a little better. I also had to modify my photo page generator software to accomodate my new site layout (sorry - the updates are only on my computer, I haven't yet updated that programming page). I figured that since I've switched over to a fixed width layout, there was no sense keeping the thumbnails in a format that would wrap as the user changed their window size. As part of my ongoing website facelift (now over a year old), I'll go back and update the old photo pages as I get a chance. For now, you can still go look at one of them to compare to the new Hawaii page.

I included more personal photos in this collection that I have previously for other trips. I figured that most of the traffic I get to these photo collections is from people I know personally, and they might actually want to see pictures of us. But I still tried to keep the majority of pictures those that would be interesting even to strangers, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

Anyway, go take a look. There are a bunch of good pictures, and even some video from our snorkeling.

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