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Washington D.C. & Maryland Photos

Jefferson MemorialIn the course of putting my Hawaii 2012 Photos online, I found that I'd already sorted through all the photos from our D.C. trip from a few years ago, but had never followed through and put them online. So, I did now. The pictures can be found at:
Washington, D.C. & Maryland 2009 Photos

And of course, I added the appropriate link on the Photos Index page.

I lived inside the beltway for a few years, and within easy driving distance of D.C. practically my whole life before I moved to Texas, but before that trip, Irma had never been to D.C. except for a day trip. And I can't remember, but I don't think Alex had ever been to D.C. at all. My mother in law also went with us, and she'd never been to D.C. before, either. We got to tour the White House (no cameras allowed), which was something I'd never done the whole time I lived there. We were also lucky enough to have a friend working at the Smithsonian at the time, so we got a backstage tour of the Natural History Museum. He and his wife lived in Baltimore, so we spent some time there, as well. We also spent a little bit of time up near Frederick, Maryland, visiting my parents.

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