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Election 2012

PoliticsTomorrow is Election Day. Go vote and let your voice be heard. It's probably too late at this point to change many minds, but it's the obligation of bloggers to voice their opinions even when no one is interested.

I've already written about the Texas State Board of Education election in the entry, 2012 Texas SBOE Elections. Given the history of extremists on the Texas SBOE, make sure you vote for a reasonable candidate to avoid the types of shenanigans our school board became infamous for. If you live in my district, vote for Steven Schafersman.

I've also written before about Texas Republicans in general in the entry, The 2012 Texas Republican Platform. Go read that to see just how crazy some of their positions are. But just remember to judge each candidate individually. As I've mentioned before, I've never voted a straight ticket, and this year is no exception. There are one or two Republicans I'll be voting for.

If you're interested in general aviation, check out AOPA's 2012 Voter's Guide on GA issues in Congress.

And if you're still undecided on the presidential election, here's an interesting survey you can take:
I Side With...

They ask you a series of questions on different issues, and you give your answers along with how important that particular issue is to you. It then tallies up all your answers and gives you the candidates that match you the best. For the record, my best match according to that survey was Jill Stein, followed by Obama, then followed by every other major third party candidate, and finally with Romney as my worst match at something like 6%.

I've mentioned Romney a few times on this blog before. I won't link to all of those entries (just browse my Politics category if you're that interested), but here are a few of the more informative entries that have discussed the man.

While I may not be the biggest fan of Obama, for most of the issues where I disagree with him, Romney would be just as bad or worse. So, seeing as how third party candidates have pretty much zero chance of winning, I can only hope that projections such as the Five Thirty Eight Forecast are correct, and that Obama wins tomorrow.

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