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Website Update - NRSV Bible Chapter Listing

BibleI've put a new page on the static portion of tihs site - Bible Verse Listing - New Revised Standard Version. It provides links to all the chapters on the NRSV hosted by the Oremus Bible Browser. The Oremus Bible Browswer is a very useful site that presents the NRSV in a very readable format. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the easiest navigation. I'd found a few sites that had provided links to the different chapters, such as GodWeb. However, none of those sites that I found included the Apocrypha in their listing. BibleStudyTools.com also has the NRSV, but their formatting isn't as readable as Oremus, and they don't have the Apocrypha, either (though that site does have some really handy tools). So, I took it on myself to create a listing that lists all of the books of the Bible. I checked it fairly thoroughly, but not every link. If you find any problems, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope this is useful for people wanting to read the NRSV.

There are other translations of the Bible available. BibleGateway.com has many of them available, and their navigation is superb. But they don't have the NRSV, and for a variety of reasons, that's the translation I prefer to read. For a discussion of why, read my entry, Friday Bible Blogging - Introduction and Picking a Translation.

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