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Texas Science Textbook Adoption - Reminder

Stand Up for Science TexasIf you haven't already seen it, go read my entry, Texas Science Textbook Adoption. To summarize, On November 22nd (a week from tomorrow), the Texas State Board of Education will have their final vote to adopt the currently proposed textbooks and other instructional materials for high school biology and environmental science. So far, everything appears to be going relatively well, but there are a few idealogues on the board who have thrown a wrench in the works before. So, please contact your school board representative and urge them to vote in favor of sound science. Links on how to take action are included in that entry.

For anyone interested, I've posted my letter to my representative, Marty Rowley, below the fold.

Subject: Upcoming Textbook and Other Instructional Materials Approval

Mr. Rowley,

You may have already received a form letter sent to you on my behalf by the Texas Freedom Network. However, with the importance of the issue at stake, the adoption of the proposed textbooks and other instructional materials for high school biology and environmental science, I wanted to make sure to write you personally.

I am a resident of Wichita Falls, and so you are my representative on the Board of Education. While you made a few statements during your campaign indicating that you had some personal doubts over the science of evolution, I would trust that as an elected official, you would rely on the input of the appropriate experts in a field to inform your decisions. This has been done throughout the current textbook adoption process, with qualified scholars and educators confirming that the proposed instructional materials conform to the required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and are based on established, mainstream science. Please, ensure that our children have the best possible tools in place to receive a quality education by voting to adopt the proposed textbooks and other instructional materials on November 22.

Jeffrey R. Lewis
Wichita Falls, TX

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