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Blog Facelift

Men at WorkI've given the blog a minor facelift. It was mostly changes to the CSS to give what I think is a cleaner look. The other big one was that I made all the pages on the blog the two-column layout, whereas before most of the pages, including individual entries and archives, were a single-column layout. This gives me a chance to put a few more links in the right-hand column of each page, maybe getting people a bit more interested in some of the other content I've got on the site, getting them to stick around a little longer.

If you want to see what the blog looked like before, you can see the front page on the Wayback Machine. And for a direct comparison of individual entries, here's one of my most popular ones, Origin of Arabic Numerals - Was It Really for Counting Angles?. And here's the old version on the Wayback Machine.

So, the facelift was nothing major, but do I think it makes the blog look a bit better.

Image Source: ClickForSign.com

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