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To All the Violent Anti-Trump Protestors - Knock It Off

I meant to write an entirely original entry on this, but came across an article on Scientific American that already says what I wanted to say, and says it much better than I could do. Here is the link to the article:

Dear Anti-Trump Protestors, Please Renounce Violence

And here are a few excerpts.

Protesters who smashed windows and punched police on Inauguration Day are mirroring the violence they supposedly abhor
Part of me, I admit, admires the courage of these rebels, but the rational part of me loathes their violence. Like the Weatherman and other deadly activists of my generation, these young people have been seduced by the macho glamor of violence and by the rough justice of combating state oppression with brutality of their own.
The activists do their cause a disservice by mirroring the brutal values of the culture they oppose. History teaches that violent uprisings, if they succeed, often breed more violence. Think of the horrors that followed the French and Russian Revolutions. Political scientist Erica Chenoweth has shown that nonviolent resistance is far more effective than violence. I wish "disruptive" activists would take their lead from great nonviolent leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Gene Sharp.

I'll add an anecdote of my own. On Sunday, we had a few people over to watch the football game, and politics came up during conversation. And the main thing most of them talked about regarding the protests was the rioters, and how stupid it was to go around smashing up stores and attacking police. They didn't discuss the motivations, or the political goals, or any of the reasons why protestors might have been opposed to Trump. They didn't even talk much about the Women's March from the following day, because in their mind, all the weekend protests got lumped together. The message of the protests was entirely lost.

That article had a link to a related article:

How to Resist an Unjust Regime Nonviolently

Here's an excerpt from that article.

He advocates nonviolence for practical rather than spiritual reasons. He rejects religious exhortations that we should turn the other cheek and love our enemies. People in power often deserve to be despised and fought, he contends, but violence, even in the service of a just cause, often causes more problems than it solves, leading to greater injustice and suffering. Hence the best way to oppose an unjust regime is through nonviolent action. Nonviolent movements are also more likely than violent ones to garner internal and international support and to lead to democratic, non-militarized regimes. (Other scholars, notably Erica Chenoweth, have done empirical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of nonviolent social activism.)

So all you violent protestors and rioters, stop it. You're not advancing any progressive goals, and worse, you're actively harming fellow citizens.

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