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First Entry

I decided to start up a blog on this site. I figured it would be a place where I could write about things that just didn't belong on my main site. So, that brings the total to three sections on my site devoted to essays. There's the My Writings section, which I tend to think of as well researched, well thought out essays (or at least, anything new that get's added to that section will be). Then there's my Soapbox, which is for more opinionated essays. Now that I've got a blog, I figure I'll have the soapbox entries be relatively well thought out and researched, but they may not be as good as the essays going into My Writings. And now, I've got this blog. This will be where I can just write off a quick reaction to things that I read in the news, relate personal experiences, or just go off ranting about whatever I want, without doing any research- basically the types of things bloggers have been doing for years. I figure that I'll also include updates to my main site on this blog, and I'll copy all new soapbox entries in this blog, to give a section for user feedback. Speaking of feedback, I'm initially going to set up this blog to allow anonymous commenting. If it becomes a problem with people abusing it, I'll consider making people have to sign up for accounts.

So far, I'm using pretty much the default user interface that came with Movable Type, with just a few small changes to the .css to make this blog a little more consistent with my main site. I figure I'll concentrate on getting a few entries on here that I have in mind before I start worrying too much about the way the blog looks. After all, content is king, appearance is only secondary.

By the way, the name was picked because I tend to work on my website during my lunchbreak at work - it's about the only time during the day that I get a chance to.

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