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Website Update- New Blog

Well, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started my own blog, which I'm going to call Jeff's Lunchbreak, since my lunchbreak is about the only time I get to work on this site. I've been debating doing this for a while, now, trying to figure out the best way to organize my site without watering down my other two writing sections. But since I've been considering it, several things have happened to me that I've wanted to write short essays about, but didn't figure belonged in the My Writings section of the site, or even in my Soapbox, which convinced me to finally take the plunge and make a blog. So, that brings the total to three sections on my site devoted to essays. I figure I can still get away with it by making the main My Writings section devoted to my more serious, well researched essays, the type of thing that I wouldn't mind having published in a book or magazine; having my Soapbox be devoted to issues that were more controversial and topical, but still trying to keep them relatively well researched, kind of like extended op-eds; and then having the blog be for all the short essays that were left over.

So, I've added a link to the blog to the main My Writings page, and did a little reorganization to that page to make it clear that two of the links (the Soapbox and the blog) were to collections of essays, and that the rest of the links were to actual individual essays.

Just as a note, I'm going to post all of these updates that usually go on my homepage to the blog, but not vice versa. That way, if anyone every actually subscribes to the RSS feed for the blog, they'll get normal website updates along with it. I'm also going to include copies of all new soapbox entries to the blog, to give visitors a section for feedback.


Very interesting and prolific. i plan to read your writings. I didn't realize you had so much posted on the web or had started your own blog. What exactly is a blog?

Blog is short for "web log." Basically, it's like an online journal, about whatever you want it to be. Most people try to keep it to a certain topic, to give people a good reason to come take a look at it. Wikipedia has a good entry on blogs for more information.

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