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Website Update- Revised Artwork Pages

Looks like I still managed to keep my once per month update goal. I slightly updated the Artwork page. For each collection, I now use the same type of set up that I use for my photo pages - when you click on a thumbnail, instead of taking you simply to the .jpg or .gif file, it takes you to an html page displaying the picture, so that I could put navigation links on those pages, and you don't have to keep hitting the back button to view different pictures. Also, I added two new images to my Technical Drawings collection. On one of my more obscure pages, I've updated the Rough & Unfinished POV-Ray Work page. It was pretty much an all text page before. Now I've added thumbnails for each of the images.

I guess I'll make one note here - the reason I haven't been adding so much to my main site recently, is because I've been trying to update my blog on a fairly regular basis. Essays that before would have gone in my Writings section are now getting put there, instead.

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