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A Blogroll, and a Change to the Archives

Well, these are very small changes to this blog, but I did a little playing around with the stuff over in that right sidebar. First, I figured it was about time that I added a blogroll, so I did. It's not very long, and I've limited it to blogs that I check at least once a week. I know there are lots of other good blogs out there that aren't on the list, but that's the way it goes.

Second, I redid the way the Archives show up in the side bar. I had been just going with the default that MovableType came set up with, which showed every month I had entries in. Unfortunately, now that I've had my blog for a few years, that list was getting pretty long, so I put it on a separate page.


I'm honored to be on the list. Guess I'll have to start doing quality posts soon :)

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