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Another Surprise at the Bookstore

I wrote an entry a while ago, about finding some religious inserts in Lyra's Oxford, a short book written by Phillip Pullman as a kind of mini sequel to the His Dark Materials trilogy, as well as a few other children's books. Just recently, on the advice of several people (including Eric of the New Minority blog), I finally decided to purchase The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins' book on religion. (I'm already most of the way through it, and hope to put up a review some time within the next couple months. In short, I agree with most, though not all, of what Dawkins has written.) Just about the time I was halfway through the book, a little card fell out into my lap:

Living Waters IQ Test - Front of Card
Living Waters IQ Test - Back of Card

The card was printed by the same organization, Living Waters Ministries, headed by the same person, Ray Comfort, as the cards I found in Lyra's Oxford and the other books I mentioned in that entry (man, that took some restraint on my part not to use a different noun to describe Comfort). Given Dawkins' subject material, I wasn't nearly as surprised this time as when I found the inserts in the children's books, and this insert isn't nearly as disengenious. Still, it seems we have a misguided busybody at our local bookstore. Plus, it's always a bit unpleasant to be reminded of the inventor of the argumentum ad bananum.


Glad you are reading it, I hope you enjoy it. I know I did. I'm interested to hear what you think about it.

Those cards in the books are funny. I wonder who is doing it. It could be a crazy customer, an employee, or maybe even management/owner. If it's a chain store I'm sure that the company headquarters would be interested to know about it.

The amount of restraint you used to not call Ray a tool(or any of a thousand other names) is pretty impressive. I can't hold back on him.

Oh, I only got 5. Missed the one in scientific so bad that it took a few more recounts to find it.

My guess is that it's a crazy customer or employee, but no higher than that. When I pointed out the Golden Compass inserts to one of the clerks, she told me that they certainly didn't want inserts like that in the book, and said they'd remove them. However, her voice did get an octave or two higher, which seemed just a touch suspicious (it could have just been she was nervous about a customer complaining). Also, when I checked back at the bookstore a week later, the inserts were all still there (but, to paraphrase and bastardize Hanlon's Razor, don't chalk up to malice what could be legitimately attributed to laziness).

BTW, it's a Books-A-Million. There are enough displays of Christian books that I don't think the management would have much of a problem with these inserts.

On another note, I did find enough time to finish reading The God Delusion last night. My overall impression is still the same - I liked it, but did have a few disagreements. Since it's on a subject that really does interest me, and since it's non-fiction so there's really no issue with plot-spoilers, I think I'm going to write a pretty substantial review of it. In other words, don't expect a blog post on it for a few more weeks.

Well, I suppose that being in the bible belt you wouldn't have a shortage of candidates that could be doing it. You would also have a shortage of people that would be bothered by it. Good thing you aren't influenced by such trivial cards.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say about The God Delusion.

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