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And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

IntermissionJust two weeks ago, I made an aopolgy for not keeping up with my post per week goal on this blog, and even made a promise to make two posts that week to make up for it. Well, I only got out one real post that week, and didn't post anything at all last week. And here's the reason - I was on vacation in Florida last week. With a few important projects I had to wrap up before I left, I worked through my lunch breaks so I didn't have time to write any more posts here at work. And with packing and doing a few projects around the house, I didn't have time to write at home, either. I had been planning on trying out my new phone to make an entry while on vacation, but when you're making sandcastles on the beach with your daughter, or splashing around in the ocean, or sipping a beer on the deck while watching the waves break on shore by the light of the full moon, that post per week goal just doesn't seem so important.

Anyway, I'm back now. For the next couple days, I'll be pretty busy catching up, but some time this week I'll be back to writing blog entries.

P.S. I should have a new page on my main website for the Florida trip once I have a chance to go through the pictures.

P.P.S. Doing a Google image search for "intermission" yields some pretty surprising results (NSFW).

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