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I Hate the TSA

TSAWell, to start easing back into blogging after my vacation, I'll start off with a short little rant, that actually is relevant to trip I just took. In short, I really, really dislike the TSA. (I know the title of this post says that I hate the TSA, but that's a little stronger feeling that I actually have. However, "I Really, Really Dislike the TSA" just doesn't have the same ring to it as a headline.) I have written a bit about this before, but that article was more about the restrictions on general aviation.

It's not that the TSA did anything uniquely annoying during this trip. It's just that every time I have to go through the security checkpoints and jump through hoops that do practically nothing to actually increase security, I get just a little more pissed off. This trip, I was so busy unpacking the laptop, loading up all our bags onto the belt (we had more carry-ons this time now that the airlines are charging for checked luggage), and taking off my shoes, that I forget to empty out my pockets and take off my belt. That's probably enough metal that it would have set off the metal detector even back in the good old days, but when you're already irritated with an organization, it makes you that much more irritated. Plus, thanks to actually doing good on my diet the past few weeks, taking off my belt meant holding my pants up the whole time. I started grumbling once I got through the checkpoint and was getting dressed again, when my wife told me to just be quiet so that we could enjoy our vacation.

I recall hearing a joke one time, and I can't remember where I first heard it now, but this blog has a similar joke in the comments.

First the terrorsits tried to sneak bomb onto a plane using their shoes, so they made us take off our shoes.

Then the terrorists tried to use liquid explosives, so they made us give up our drinks and toothpaste.

The day they realize that a terrorist could try to smuggle a bomb up his ass is the day I quit flying.

But when you stop to think, how much indignity are we willing to take in the name of safety (assuming, of course, that the TSA is increasing safety, which I'll get to in a minute)? We already have to go barefoot through the metal detectors, and take off our belts and hold up our pants. If you take a carry on, you see the inspectors rifling through all your personal belongings. A few years ago when my wife, my daughter and I flew up north to visit the rest of my family for Christmas, presents already wrapped, the TSA didn't just take them out of the wrapping paper - they unpacked everything completely, down to removing the toys from the plastic and twist ties that held them in place (I guess I could be thanking them, since everyone knows what a pain it can be to get toys out of their packaging sometimes).

To point out just one more pet peeve - why can't people that aren't flying wait with you at the gate anymore, or come meet you at the gate when you arrive? I know the current policy does nothing to keep out anybody determined enough to sneak in. The fact that all it takes is a computer printout of your itinerary or tickets to get it, means that anybody with a computer and any type of ingenuity can print out counterfeit tickets or itineraries. They probably wouldn't work to get them on the plane, but they'd certainly get the people into the gate area. Perhaps the point is to reduce the number of people in the gate area, to make observation and surveillance easier. I still don't like it.

Okay, you get it - I think the TSA's annoying. But have they actually done anything to increase security? In anticipation of anybody that's going to say that we haven't had a terrorist attack since 9/11, therefore the TSA must be working, I have a tiger repelling rock I'd like to sell you. I've had this rock for years, and haven't seen a tiger the entire time, so it must work, right?. (Realizing that Simpsons episode was from way back in 1996, it's eerie how well it predicted the country's reaction to 9/11 - do anything, even if there's no evidence it works, just so it seems like we're doing something.)

I've got a little experience "smuggling" things past the TSA myself. As I mentioned in the essay I linked to up top, I've forgotten about one of my pocket knives a few times. It's a small little knife that looks like a key, and goes on my key ring. The blade's only about 2", but that's exactly the type of thing the TSA was supposed to be keeping off planes. And I managed to get by security with it once during the highest threat level. (The knife actually has some sentimental value to me, so I've since taken it off my key ring, just to make sure I don't ever forget about it when flying and find that one TSA agent who notices it.)

What about more serious threats, besides pocket knives that probably aren't going to be worth much of anything, anymore? Well, there's this case where, "Investigators with bomb-making components in their luggage and on their person were able to pass through security checkpoints at 19 U.S. airports without detection." And what about the student who smuggled bleach, matches, box cutters, and clay that resembled plasic explosives, onto multiple airplanes, told the TSA about it, and some of the items still weren't found for over a month.

Or, just read these articles, from the column, Ask the Pilot on Salon.com. It's written by an airline pilot, Patrick Smith, who doesn't like the TSA all that much, either. He describes all types of silly regulations the TSA follows, including not letting him get through security because he was carrying the exact same knife that the airline gives out to passengers aboard the plane, not to mention that most airport personnel who aren't seen by passengers have very lax security regulations. He also has a good article on the N.Y. Times site.

I understand that we probably do need security. I just don't like seeing an organization that does very little good. At best, it's a minor convenience. At worst, it's a false sense of security, and a waste of resources that could be better applied elsewhere.


Amen brother. I detest the TSA. This agency needs a total overhaul from the bottom up. There's a screener at BWI who worked them morning shift today at about 6:50 AM who has a thin little mustache and wears glasses and is in his 40's (white guy) that I'd like to start with.

I hate the TSA like actually hate them. They do no good and only piss people off. Racial Profiling would be so much better. Sure its racial profiling but theres only one race thats really trying to bomb us

I'll agree that radical Muslims are a serious threat, but there are two big problems with profiling like you suggest:

1. Not nearly all Muslims are terrorists. The terrorists are a minority, and instituting racial profiling would cause the harassment of a large number of innocent people.

2. No all terrorists are Muslims. Look at the end of this entry. I listed terrorist attacks in the U.S. in 2009. Only one was carried out by a Muslim. 2010 did see several Muslim terrorist attacks foiled, but it also saw Christian terrorist plots foiled. If you focus your efforts on one group, you miss all the other threats.

please watch this special TSA announcement


Oklahoma city bombing was done by white people. I guess i can profile too. All white people are racists, all black people steal,
all Indian people work at 7/11. see how dumb you sound with the racial profiling. I say Treat everyone as a threat until deemed otherwise. Get a brain chump.

Just wanted to take a moment and express somewhere my absolute disdain for the tsa and their obscene invasion of my liberty and person

TSA is NOT about security or passengers' safety. It's all about power and control and image. It's a creation of a government that wants to test the people's resolute: how they would bend over, allowing their dignity and freedom being stripped away by their government. TSA is not the source but rather a symptom of a very ill and dysfunctional society, one in which the people are becoming more like slaves than free people. TSA must abolished as it is nothing but a huge waste of tax dollars.

Dump TSA now!

Bush, a failed president, created this stupid thing called TSA only to deceive people with the notion that they are protected. But in reality, instead of protecting the innocent, TSA abuses their rights and their dignity. All done in a fake cover of homeland security. The incompetence of TSA has been grossly covered by outrageous financial abuses of taxpayers' dollars. TSA is not only a joke, it's too detrimental to the well being of the very people who are being raped, tortured, stripped naked, and abused by TSA!

Dump TSA today and prosecute those officials who've profited from their positions with the TSA!

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