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Judged for Your Actions?

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of AtheismI've been rather busy recently, so I only have a short entry for today. It's more of just a thought.

I've read in many places, from articles to books to blog comment sections, the accusation that atheists are afraid to be judged for their actions. In this particular form, the argument seems silly. According to many of the more fundamentalist sects of Christianity, it is faith alone which saves a person, not their actions (more). But even ignoring that, most mainline Christian sects believe that acceptance of Christ is a requirement for admission to heaven.

So, rather than being judged for our actions, most sects of Christianity teach that there's really only one all important single action for which we'll be judged. It makes no difference if we've lived our entire lives giving selflessly, donating away all of our money, and spending every free moment volunteering to help people. It doesn't matter if we live like Gandhi or the Dalai Lama. If we don't believe Jesus is real, then the rest of our actions are irrelevant, and we're damned anyway.

I've written along similar lines before, for anyone interested.

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