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Commenting Change

I've found a couple bugs since updating my site. One was in the commenting. My old captcha wasn't working, but after I disabled it, the site was overwhelmed with spam. So, I set the commenting options to be extremely strict - so strict that no comments were making it through. I've gotten a new captcha system set up and working, so I've backed off on the other comment filters. I'll give it a try and see how it looks tomorrow. If I'm not overwhelmed with spam, I'll know it's working.

If you left a comment in the weeks since I completed the upgrade, and it got blocked by my filters, I'm sorry, but it's getting deleted. I got over 10,000 junk comments in that time, and I'm not going to sort through all of them to try to find the few legitimate comments. So, if you feel like it, leave the comment again.

Update 2012-03-14 Well - it worked. When I checked this morning, there were 198 blocked spam comments, and only 5 that made it through. That's an amount I can live with cleaning up. I'd rather let a handful of spam slip through if it means that legitimate comments also make it through, rather than be too restrictive and start blocking legitimate comments.


See - the new commenting system does work.

It works if you preview first, too.

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