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Website Facelift Update

Face LiftBack in July of last year, I announced a Website Facelift. I'd decided that my static pages were looking a little old fashioned, and that a fresh look was in order. I said that the updates would be completed as time permits, and didn't make any promises on how soon it would all be done, but I got off to a lot slower start than I'd expected. Anyway, I'm now making some decent progress. There are 317 html files in my backup root folder of the website. Some of those may be copies or other files that aren't being used, but that's a decent estimate of the size of the static portion of the site. As of this post, I've updated 107 html files to the new format in the root directory. And a good chunk of those were my photo pages, which took more time to update because of the way I do it (I use a VB program I wrote to automatically generate code given an input list of pictures, but I changed the format of those pages fairly extensively, so I had to update the VB code and the picture lists. That code also generates an html page for each picture itself, so in reality I've updated 608 html files in addition to the ones in the root). I also made sure that each photo page had a slideshow, which not all of them had, before.

So, I'll continue with the updates until all the pages on the static portion of the site have been completed. I still make no promises on the time frame, but hopefully it'll all be done in less than a year.

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