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Website Update - Top 10 Page List for September 2014

Top 10 ListAnother month come and gone, and time once again to review the server logs for the site's activity. The list is actually very similar to last month. I'm not sure exactly what's going on with why some of these pages are popular right now. I suspect it might have to do with spammers, but I'll stay optimistic and assume it's mostly real live people reading the entries. A new page made the list for the first time, Where's My Flying Car?. It is related to an entry that just made the list for the first time last month, When Will There Be an Aircraft in Every Garage?, so maybe there is a real link in some discussion forum sending people here.

Overall traffic is up just a bit from last month, but almost the same.

Top 10 for September 2014

  1. Where's My Flying Car?
  2. Debunking a Columbus Myth
  3. Aviation Books
  4. When Will There Be an Aircraft in Every Garage?
  5. More on Origin of Species
  6. A Skeptical Look at MBT Shoes
  7. Review of the Lucy's Legacy Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  8. Obamacare Lives (A Discussion of the Individual Mandate)
  9. A Skeptical Look at Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  10. Email Debunking - Tips on Pumping Gas

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