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Website Update - Top 10 Page List for March 2015

Top 10 ListWith another month come and gone, it's time once again to take a look at the server logs to see what pages were most popular on this site. There was one newcomer to the list, 22 Responses to 22 Creationist Misconceptions. I'm actually rather happy about that, because I rather like that entry. There was another entry making its first appearance on the list in over a year, Response to an Editorial by Ken Huber. It's also nice to see the Autogyro History & Theory page maintaining a spot on the list since it had been absent for a while.

Overall traffic is up a bit from the previous month, back to being in line with what it's been for a while now.

Anyway, here's the list for last month.

Top 10 for March 2015

  1. Origin of Arabic Numerals - Was It Really for Counting Angles?
  2. A Skeptical Look at MBT Shoes
  3. Response to Rabbi Steven Pruzansky - Why Romney Didn't Get Enough Votes to Win
  4. Golden Compass - A Surprise at the Bookstore
  5. Email Debunking - 1895 8th Grade Final Exam
  6. Aviation Books
  7. Response to an Editorial by Ken Huber
  8. 22 Responses to 22 Creationist Misconceptions
  9. Autogyro History & Theory
  10. Review of Ray Comfort's New Movie - Evolution vs. God, Part I

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