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Website Update - Top 10 Page List for August 2011

Top 10 ListIt's that time of month again when I go looking at the server logs to see how popular pages on this site are. Things are pretty consistent with months past. There were, however, two pages to the top 10 list that hadn't made it before - Blog - Further Musings on the Soul and Blog - Lunar Eclipse on the 2010 Winter Solstice.

Overall traffic was much the same - up just a few percent from the previous month, but still below the all time peak.

As long as I'm discussing August, and since I discussed temperature in the previous Top 10 update, I might as well mention that the heat wave is still ongoing. All but 2 days in August had high temperatures exceed 100ºF here in Wichita Falls. The heat wave may finally be breaking, however. Monday is predicted to be a nice, cool 88ºF. I might have to break out a sweater. What we really need, though, is rain. This has been the worst wildfire season on record, and without a lot of rain, it's not going to get better anytime soon.

Anyway, here are the 10 most popular pages from this site for August 2011.

  1. Autogyro History & Theory
  2. Blog - A Skeptical Look at MBT Shoes
  3. Blog - My Favorite Airplanes
  4. Blog - Origin of Arabic Numerals - Was It Really for Counting Angles?
  5. Factoids Debunked & Verified
  6. Blog - Further Musings on the Soul
  7. Blog - Running AutoCAD R14 in XP Pro 64
  8. Blog - Book Review - Voyage of the Beagle
  9. Blog - Crazy E-mail - Cash for Clunkers
  10. Blog - Lunar Eclipse on the 2010 Winter Solstice

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