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Website Update - Top 10 Page List for May 2012

Top 10 ListAnother month has come and gone, so it's once again time for me to go through the server logs and tally up the most popular pages on this site.

A blog entry from 2012 made the list for the first time - Response to an Editorial by Ken Huber. All the other entries had made the list before, but a couple, My Favorite Airplanes and Programming, hadn't made the list since last year. It had been a couple months since the Ray Comfort entry had been on there, too.

A Skeptical Look at MBT Shoes was at the top spot for the first time in almost a year. I'm pretty sure that has to do with the news of Skechers reaching a settlement over their fraudulent claims about their similar 'Shape-ups' shoes.

Overall traffic was down just a bit, but not much.

Top 10 for May 2012

  1. Blog - A Skeptical Look at MBT Shoes
  2. Autogyro History & Theory
  3. Blog - Origin of Arabic Numerals - Was It Really for Counting Angles?
  4. Blog - Running AutoCAD R14 in XP Pro 64
  5. Factoids Debunked & Verified, Part II
  6. Factoids Debunked & Verified
  7. Blog - Response to an Editorial by Ken Huber
  8. Blog - My Favorite Airplanes
  9. Blog - Ray Comfort - Still Ignorant on Evolution
  10. Programming

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