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Website Facelift Completed

Face LiftWay back in July of last year, I announced a Website Facelift. I've mentioned my progress a few more times in Website Update - Top 10 Page List for June 2012, Hawaii Photos & Video, Website Facelift Update, Website Update - Top 10 Page List for September 2012, and Website Update - Top 10 Page List for October 2012. Anyway, more than a year after starting on that project, I believe I'm done. By the time I cleaned up old and outdated pages, there were around 230 pages in my root directory to update. Since I create an html page for each of the photos in my Photos section, that was another 625 html files. And for my Aircraft Image Archive, not only do I create a separate html page for each picture, I create a separate one for each of the different ways the pictures are listed. So that was another 974 html files. Thankfully, I wrote a Visual Basic program to automatically generate those image pages, but it still took some work to get the inputs to the program correct.

I'm glad I'm done. If you want to compare, check out the old site on the Way Back Machine. Personally, I think the site looks better now. It definitely shows up better on my iPhone than the old site did. I hope future visitors appreciate the new look.

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