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And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

IntermissionIt seems I've been apologizing a lot recently for not keeping up with the blog, and this particular apology is nearly identical to one I made before, but it's time to do it again. I just got back from a week's worth of vacation. And as much as I like writing for this blog, it just can't compete with strolling the sand dunes in Assateague looking for wild ponies, or spending time catching up with family I haven't seen in years. And since I was busy wrapping up projects here at work right before I left, I fell behind (again) on the Friday Bible Blogging.

Anyway, I'm back now, with no big projects on the horizon, and no big trips planned, so expect blogging to be back to normal. Really.

P.S. I'll post pictures of my trip as soon as I can. It was a combination family reunion/normal vacation. We spent a few days with my parents, then drove around Virginia, stopping by a friend's house before going on to Virginia Beach and then up to Assateague. Then it was on up through Delaware toward my aunt and uncle's house in Pennsylvania for a family reunion on my mom's side (they do it every year, but with me being down in Texas, I don't make it up very often). Then it was one more night with my parents before getting on the plane and back to Texas.

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