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Website Update - Artwork Page

In the spirit of sprucing up that I mentioned last week, I've made a few changes to my Artwork page. Granted, it's far from the most popular page on my site, and I'm not a particularly great artist, but I figured I could at least improve the appearance of the page. Here's a link to the old version, if you're curious what it looked like before.

To give a taste of what you'll find there, here are three different images from that page. The first two are from two different series, so there are related images on the artwork page. The series used programs I wrote myself to generate the images (with some post processing in another program for the first one). The third is one of those 'Magic Eye' type stereograms. I discovered those way back in a contest in Games magazine, years before they became popular in mall kiosks. I was thrilled when my parents bought me a book that came with the software to make my own. Anyway, go visit the artwork page to see these pictures in higher resolution.

Artwork on jefflewis.net

Abstract Image

Circle Gradient Abstract Image

Mouse Head Stereogram

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